Dec 12, 2011

NYC New York Color

NYC New York Color Liquid Lipshine!
Today is THE day that I've been looking forward to for quite some time.. My Holiday Voxbox 2011 from Influenster finally came in! One of the featured products for me to test is from the always fabulous makeup brand NYC New York Color. I mean, I've been using their stuff since I was young and have always been an avid follower, so of course I'm excited to test out this absolutely gorgeous Liquid Lipshine in #582 Nude York City [kudos on the name & double kudos for the tiny bits of sparkle!]. Now, I'm going to test it out as I write this so I can get exactly my first thoughts about the texture, smell, taste [it's always 50/50 when it comes to lipglosses!], overall score, and if I'll purchase another tube at a future date. My lips are a little chapped at the moment thanks to the ever dropping temperature outside, but I have a feeling New York Color won't let that stop my experience. ;]
And we're off!

(opening the tube and applying!)

FIRST thing is first. The smell. This. Smells. Like. Heaven.
I automatically licked my top lip just a little bit out of habit and
while there isn't a sweet taste, there isn't a harsh taste either.
There actually isn't a taste at all, thank goodness. I'm sure if it
tasted as good as it smells, I'd be licking it off all day and that would
be a big no-no for my already dry lips! The texture is pretty darling also. It's very smooth and no where near sticky. It's almost like satin on my lips. This nude shade seems like it would fit all skin tones, which is a good thing because I've seen a ton of glosses nude shades that washed girls' skin out. I must say... I'm kind of heavily in love with this and I'm sure most of my friends will be too when I let them borrow it. With that said, I give NYC New York Color Liquid Lipshine a 9/10 because, like my life motto goes, "There's always room for improvement!". [Even though this stuff is pretty perfect.]
And if you can't tell, I'm 100% going to buy another tube when I get to the last days of this one!

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