Nov 30, 2011

how to: DIY barrettes

Ironed fabric scraps, at least 1"×3"
Cute, flat (sew-through) buttons
Hot glue gun and glue
Pliers or tweezers
Non-painted barrettes

1. Select and cut.
Cut ironed scraps of fabric into rectangles just larger than the barrettes. Choose cute buttons.

2. Glue.
Apply hot glue generously to the top of the barrette. Use pliers to hold the barrette open while gluing.

3. Apply and trim fabric.
Position the fabric on top of the hot glue. Press evenly as the glue cools, with medium firmness. Allow to cool completely. Trim around the barrette, taking care to leave a slight edge (less than 5") to allow for any needed fabric expansion when you close the barrette.

4. Glue button on.
Dollop hot glue onto the back of the button, then, with the barrette open, position it where you want it. Press slowly and evenly. Leave it to cool on the open barrette.

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