Jan 10, 2012

&& the grand prize goes to...


 So I've never really been the lucky type. Blew $1,000 at a casino in a weekend, got $140 of it back. I've won maybe $2 on a scratch off in the past couple of years. I haven't won a contest since 5th grade [hello, radio disney!], so needless to say.. when I win something it's like the heavens are raining glitter down upon my head. I checked my email on the 3rd and there was a message from Broadway Nails telling me that I had won a contest that I had entered and that I would receive their ENTIRE line of imPRESS Press-On Manicures. Um, whaaa!
Well, a week later I open my front door and there it is.. a mid-sized brown box from UPS! I tore it open and my jaw fell to the floor... look what I got!

New nails each week until September!!!

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MammaNatty said...

I recently tried these too thanks to Influenster.com... I got "Joyride" Great color! Congrats on your win :)