X Out Wash-In Treatment

PROS: +Gorgeous smell, +Won't leave your face dry, +Does its job, +Medicated, +Exfoliating
CONS: +Pricey ($19.95 for 1-month supply)

NEW! From the makers of Proactiv®
America's #1 Acne Treatment System

About the product;

We've all grown up with Proactiv® so we know it's a very reliable and affordable acne treatment brand. Introducing, X Out Wash-In Treatment! From their website,

"School, hobbies, dating, the internetz—we get it. You don’t have time for a complex teen acne treatment. X Out™ fits your crazy busy life by doing the zit fighting you need in 1 simple step:

*Washes medicine deep into pores and leaves it behind *Detonates an awesome icy slap you can really feel
*All in 1 step, twice a day"

Now usually when fighting acne you have multiple steps, from washing to toning and a mask to whatever. With this little miracle, it's take ONE step. One tiny little step that's easy to do and takes little to no time at all. Wash your face! They also offer two more products to help you with your battle against acne [optional, not mandatory]; the X Out Acne Spot Treatment & the X Out Mask. These are ones I have not tried yet, but once I do I'll make sure to get a review up ASAP.

My Story / Experience;

I started developing acne around the normal age for pubescent girls, about 12-13. From all the stress of moving to a new state, transfering to a different school, starting a new grade, AND make new friends? You can bet that I broke out at least twice a week. Now being a rebel child didn't really introduce me to any beauty products, mainly because I thought they were for 1.) the rich kids and 2.) girly girls, and my oh my was I neither! I really wish I could go back in time to my younger self and tell her how much ridicule she'd get for not wanting to take care of her skin. Flash forward to age 16, the big boom of Proactiv® for my age group. In those few short years I had grown to love my skin, flaws and all, but still saw room for improvement (there's always room for THAT!). I received the Proactiv® complete set and fell in love with the results, but soon became lazy and forgot about it completely. Flash forward to 2012. Hello, innovation! The reason I became so bored with Proactiv® was all the steps needed to see results. I'm pretty impatient and never have time for more than one step, and that's to wash my face. When I was selected to try out X Out Wash-In Treatment, I nearly flipped out! My once beloved company had an EASY way to keep the breakouts at bay? I'm in! My first time using the facial wash was the one time that I actually felt good about my skin since 16. I could feel it working. Usually with any kind of wash (thanks to my sensitive skin) I step out of the shower with red splotches all over my face and a tightening sensation. Not with this! The moment I step out of the shower all I feel is a coldness all over my face (that's always a neat experience!) and the confidence and reassurance to keep going back to X Out. My face is clearer than it has EVER been and this is one simple step acne fix that I will not let slip away!

Visit www.xout.com for more information!

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